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" An amazing evening with a beautiful and fun woman!"
Feb 14, 2018
General Details
My wife and I wanted to have some fun with another woman so we came across Sarah. We're so glad that we found her! She was so sexy, loving, and fun. From the moment that we arrived we were treated to an amazing evening with a beautiful and fun woman!

The Juicy Details
We met Sarah close to Valentine's Day. When she opened the door for us she had the place all decorated for the occasion! She went all out to celebrate Valentine's Day with us. My wife and I were very touched by how she went the extra mile to decorate and prepare for our evening together. She's such a sweet and loving woman.

Sarah is exactly as described on TER and her website. She's very hot & sexy! She had on a sexy outfit that showed off her very hot body when she answered the door. We knew that we were in for a treat with her right away. The 3 of us pretty much covered all the bases that evening. We started off by playing around in the hot tub. Watching Sarah and my wife play around in the water was beyond amazing! We then headed back to the room and the girls decided to play a little "dress up". They both changed into some very sexy outfits. That's when things really started to get going!

It wasn't long before we're all undressed and playing around on the bed. Sarah had strawberries, whip cream, etc. ready to go. It was a very yummy evening for all 3 of us! My wife began by having Sarah for dessert. ;) She is very tasty! We all then had our turns at being dessert. I'd have to say that being the dessert for two beautiful women is not too bad! :)

We all had such an incredible time that evening. Taking turns having sex with both of them was absolutely amazing. At one point Sarah was on my cock while my wife was on my face. Now that's a good time! The night was finished off by my wife going down on my cock while Sarah was sucking on my balls. That did it for me! Wow!!!

The whole evening was truly incredible. Thank you Sarah for an amazing evening. You're so very sexy, loving, beautiful, funny, and sweet.

We had so much fun with you and we'll definitely be seeing you again very, very soon!
" She's a very hot MILF with a tight, toned body."
Nov 30, 2017
General Details
Saw Sarah's ad on TER calling herself a fit soccer mom and she does not lie. Messaged back and forth for verification, which was not painful. Once she had my references, everything went smoothly. She showed up looking just like her pictures. She's a very hot MILF with a tight, toned body. She's a really good time and I would love to repeat. Recommended.

The Juicy Details
Sarah showed up to my room with her bag of tricks, wearing a cute short dress. We chatted for a while, Sarah is a lot of fun to talk to, and then the fun began organically with some LFK, dealing into DFK. Out came her wonderful MMs and I played with them for a while, working my way down to her sweet kitty for some DATY under her skirt while she was standing. Came up for some more DFK and worked our way to the bed. Clothes come off and Sarah is bending over the bed showing her awesome legs and ass and I just couldn't resist diving in for some DATY and DATO. After a little while she asks me to get on the bed, and starts kissing me all over, working her way down. She pays some attention to the boys and then comes the cover for a CBJ. She's good at this and eventually climbs on for some great CG. This rides me, picking up the pace, she's moaning and seems to be enjoying herself. She has really good muscle control and eventually I pop in the cover.

We both get in the shower where she cleans herself and me, and we chat and DFK for a little while. We dry off and go lay on the couch wearing nothing but our towels, having a nice little conversation for a couple of minutes which leads into LFK, then DFK. Sarah eventually drops her towel and climbs on top of me and starts grinding on the towel covering my buddy, which starts getting back in the mood. She continues to grind until she releases a gush of squirt all over the towel which is now soaked through. It was an amazing sight to see and hear her moan and let it all go. After she recovered she went down for another CBJ to coax round 2 out of me. Unfortunately, it was already a little late, and it did not look like it was going to happen just at that moment.

Sarah got dressed, gathered her stuff and left, almost forgetting her envelope. She is not a clockwatcher at all and I would recommend anyone in the mood to see a really hot MILF to look her up. Had a great time.
Treat her like a lady and she will treat you like a King!!
Jan 21, 2015
DATE: January 16, 2015
NAME: Sarah Fox, sarahfox74
INCALL CLEANLINESS: clean, just checked in
AGE: 39/40
PERSONALITY: honest, warm, bubbly
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: athletic, tight and firm, yet very feminine
HIPS: perfect
HAIR: dirty blonde
EYES: blue/hazel
FEET: well polished
SKIN TONE: tanned
SCARS: Not distracting
PIERCINGS: clit (not worn), ears
CLOTHES: 3 changes
GLASSES: yes, not worn
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: always exceeds mine!
ACTIVITIES: convo, dry hump, shared shower, shared cleaning, mutual masturbation, cbj, bls, gagging, cg, mish, doggy, coa, ass worship, body worship, fiv, more
DRINKS: socially
SCREENING PROCESS: website, past encounter
WEBSITE: sarahfox74.com
EMAIL: will provide after screening
PHONE: will provide after screening
RATES: 10 Roses 4hours
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) I have and will continue to do so
COMMENTS: Where to begin? Sarah and I met during her last visit (review on TER). We have kept in contact with flirty texts and a couple phone calls to iron some things out. Scheduling was done well in advance, although when finalized, start and stop times had changed from initial request, both of us making changes.
SF knew I would be running late as I had a last minute appointment, but when I was free texted Sarah and she gave me location. She asked for a ride to a gas station as she wanted to pick up a few items. She hopped in the car and I drove a bit down the road. She ran in for her list of items and a couple minutes later came out and got back in the car. Headed back to the incall location and went up to the room.
Sarah had just switched locations as she didn't like the first place she had stayed at, so room was fairly clean. When we got to her door, housekeeping was there doing some minor touch ups. They said they were done so we entered the room, but the housekeeper stayed in the room for another 5 minutes or so...awkward. Sarah and I made small talk until she left, and once alone began to do a bit of touching and exploring. Up until this point I was nervous, not due to the activities, but because of some discussion Sarah and I had in the preceding weeks of her visit. Nothing negative or bad, but something that had taken me some time to work out.
I feel very comfortable with Sarah, I have only found that with a couple of providers, her being one of them. I can look Sarah in the eye, touch her body, watch and listen to her, and fully appreciate all that she is, both body and mind. She loves her play dates, and is very much about enjoying the encounters. She wants to make sure you are taken care of, tries to meet (and truly exceeds) your desires and wishes, and also makes sure she has a good time. She is a voyeur, likes to watch and participate, loves her body and knows others do to, enjoys flirting, touching, talking dirty, participating in pse activity, and is turned on by almost anything that deals with sex. She has spent years learning what she likes, and has no regrets in her exploration and continues to learn more about herself.
We each slowly lost some clothes, and talked and touched. We both had a couple items on still, and we were both aroused. Sarah was on the edge of the bed with her legs on the ground or up in the air, and her back on the bed. I stood at the edge of the bed and removed articles of clothes, both mine and hers, my pants becoming tighter as I kissed and rubbed her body. She pulled me down and pressed my bulge into her crotch, enjoying the pressure on her panty covered clit. We knew that we each wanted to shower before the activities, but did debate on postponing the shower for an hour or so. Finally, we agreed a mutual shower would be good, so we gathered each of our shower kits and journeyed to the bathroom. We lathered each other, and I will say that my testicles and cock have never been as clean as after that shower, I don't think Sarah washed any other party of my body! She washed her hair, and I made sure every other inch of her was soaped up well and clean. We got out of the shower, and I crawled into the bed while Sarah redid her makeup and put on a very sexy outfit, including stockings and garter (my favorite, which she knew). She walked out of the bathroom and was greeted by a naked Fur Trapper stroking his cock waiting for play time. Sarah loves this, and loves to watch a man masturbate. She grabbed her vibrator and moved to the couch, asking me to sit across from her in the chair so she could watch me stroke myself while she masturbated. She watched me play with myself with intent, and would look into my eyes every once in a while, our eyes meeting, both enjoying the other's self pleasuring. Sarah had at least 3 squirting orgasms during this time, then stood up and moved to her knees in front of me, applying the hat with her mouth. She started a great cbj, and licked and sucked my balls. Sarah is really turned on by gagging, and she did that a few times before she moved to the bed, wanting me to join her. This is where things get a bit hazy for me. We did some more exploring before making the encounter official, but I honestly don't remember how we started or all the positions we hit. I know she came a few more times, and we ended in mish, with me pulling out and trying to rip the cover off to coat her chest and stomach. The cover WOULD NOT come off, and I spilled my initial shot in it, as Sarah grabbed and pulled to finally get the cover off. The rest of my seed shot onto Sarah's stomach, leaving me short of breathe, dizzy, and full of bliss. Sarah then grabbed her vibrator (which had been given plenty of use during our entanglement), and worked herself to one more orgasm while looking at the mess on her stomach.
We cleaned up and looked at ordering room service, both naked. I brought some comfy clothes to wear around the hotel room, and put them on. We continued to look at the food items for a few minutes, and I could feel the excitement starting to stir in my loins again.
I began kissing Sarah's back and sides while she laid on her stomach. I slowly worked my was down to her ass, starting to take small bites, licking and kissing before, during, and after the love bites. Sarah began to stir, and slight moans of approval escaped her lips. She lightly lifted her ass up to encourage the worship, and my hands roamed freely up and down her body. After a few minutes, Sarah rolled onto her back, and I began to play with her kitty. She grabbed my free hand and began sucking on my pinkie, looking directly into my eyes, and moving to position my other hand to hit the right spots. I began to squeeze her lower lips together, the lips pinching her clit, providing a pressure on the sides. Sarah let out more pleasured moans, and I removed my finger from her mouth to lightly brush her body. I caressed her neck, between her breasts, circled her erect nipples, lightly stroked the sides of her torso, and repeated this in no particular order for about 10 minutes, all the while my other hand busy pinching and rubbing her pussy lips. Sarah would have a shudder here and there, eyes rolling into her head, head shaking back and forth, the pleasure overtaking her body, the sensitivity too much for her to control.
We applied another cover and started in doggy, the vibrator making another appearance to stimulate her clit some more. We had a couple interruptions as the hotel phone rang, the second time Sarah did answer, only to hear someone say it was a wrong number. I only bring this up to say that it did not impede any sort of arousal or activity, when the body lusts, it needs to be heeded.
We moved into missionary, and I kissed Sarah's neck, forehead, cheeks and chest. I brushed my beard against her body, and my nose would brush Sarah's ears. My momentum was matched by Sarah, and after a few minutes, I filled the cover, but not before SF had a couple more orgasms.
We stayed entwined for only a minute or so, and I went to jump into the shower as I needed to get home soon. Our time was coming to an end, and I had some things to attend to after our visit. We talked some more as I finished getting ready and dressed, then it was time for me to depart.
While I described a lot of physical activity between us (and left out quite a bit too), the biggest thing I will take away from this visit is the same as my first visit; Sarah is a great person to spend time with, smart, sexy, fun, energetic, gifted, and she is a very beautiful woman. I enjoy her conversation, and love learning about her. While obvious things can't be discussed, she is fairly open, and very honest. Sarah is someone who will occupy your mind and will make you lose sleep while you replay conversations over and over again, and you may think about the breaks that took place between the conversations!
If you have not seen Sarah Fox, you need to. She is a very rare gem in this world, and I am very lucky to have spend a few hours with her. I will always try to see her if she visits, and I hope that she chooses to visit my area for years. Treat her like a lady, she deserves it, and she will treat you like a King...
Elite, Stunning and Very Genuine!!
Nov 07, 2014
I contacted Sarah via her webpage after finding her ad on p411. She responded within 20 minutes via text

and we made plans for when she would be in town. We had over 2 weeks before our date, but we kept

in contact via phone and text. Sarah and I did some sexting, and she was flirty and sexy while keeping it light

and fun.

FINALLY the day arrived, and I picked SF up from her current hotel. We went on a date, which was really

fun, and it was great watching all the people look at her, I cannot begin to explain the excitement and

"proud" feeling knowing that she was with me. She is a real head-turner, and I felt like I was viewed as a

god walking with her.

We stopped by a grocery store after our date and Sarah ran inside to grab some food for lunch. I wanted to

get to the incall location ASAP due to the flirting exchanged on our date. She came out and we headed

to a different hotel, upscale, and great location.

The rest of the afternoon was fun, energetic, wet, personal, exciting, erotic, and just wonderful.

The scheduled time was ending, so I took Sarah back to her other hotel for her evening plans.

If you have the chance, visit Sarah. She will make you feel at ease, treats you like a king, makes sure you

are pleased, and she is a wonderful person to get to know. She is worth the price of admission, you

will not be disappointed!

The Juicy Details

I picked up Sarah at her hotel, she came out a side door, and when I turned around, here came a beautiful

woman in jeans, leather studded belt, pink sweater(ish) top, jean jacket, and pulling along a suitcase.

She was stunning. Her hair was down, and she was wearing some very stylish glasses, think very sexy

librarian. I put the suitcase in the trunk, and we headed out for our date.

We talked during the drive to our date location, and I was so nervous with her sitting next to me! She is

very easy to talk to, and puts you at ease quickly. While I was driving, she would touch me while we

talked, a small brush on the arm, rubbing my hand while it was on the shift (manual vehicle), lightly

rubbing the neck and shoulders. It was like a new girlfriend in the car, still in "puppy love".

We arrived at our location for our date, and went inside. I took Sarah to a Museum. There are a

few exhibits, some tanks with ocean animals, then a large open area that houses hundreds of

butterflies, with about 20-30 different species. We started in the exhibit room, and began at the first

tank. The tanks house different sea creatures, and many of them you are allowed and encouraged to

touch. While at the first tank, a male employee stopped to talk with us, and I know he was in awe with

Sarah. He talked to her a lot, but Sarah would take my hand or caress me to show she was with me. I

was still so nervous, but she took control and made sure that everyone knew she was with me. I will

never forget the looks from other visitors as we walked together, flirting, touching, and holding hands. It

was like we were teenagers trying to control ourselves in public! We continued looking at some other

exhibits, touching sharks, starfish, sea slugs, and numerous other creatures, with Sarah taking some

pictures here and there, really enjoying the fish and other animals. We then made our way into the

butterfly area.

Once we entered the butterfly area, I seemed to relax a little bit more, and we no longer had the

employee tagging along. We walked around looking at the different butterflies, reading signs posted

along the path, and chatted about numerous things. Sarah and I began to touch each other a bit more, me

holding the small of her back, holding hands, tickling touches, etc. Again, I felt like I was 15 years old on

a first date with the hottest girl in the school. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. I told her that she had

me so turned on that I wanted to skip lunch and go straight to the hotel! She agreed, and we left the


We decided that we should stop and get some food as skipping lunch may not be the best idea, and

thought maybe taking a break during the afternoon would not happen. We ran to a grocery store and

Sarah ran inside to grab some food. When she came out, she had a couple of bags and we headed to the


When we got to the hotel, Sarah ran inside to check in while I waited. She came and got me, and I

grabbed her suitcase and we headed to the room. The room was nice, but very modern, almost too

modern. Sarah made a comment about it, but we knew it would work for what was planned. The first

thing Sarah did was walk to the window and open the blind. We were on the 4th floor, and had a plain

view of the building across the road. I walked up behind Sarah and kissed her neck and shoulders, she

raised her hands up and pressed them on the window, and I thought of how exciting it was knowing that

people outside could see us together! I told her that I wanted to jump in the shower, so she asked if

there was anything special that I wanted her to wear. I requested stockings and a garter belt, and she

smiled and said sure.

Here is where I want to be vague: Sarah and I spent 6 hours together, and while we made very good use

of our time, I think that the physical encounter should be kept between her and I. I will say it was great,

she seemed to enjoy it, I really enjoyed it, and I could not have asked for anything better. If you read

other reviews, you will get the idea of what can and cannot transpire, but I don't feel that our time

should be broadcast. This review is of our time together, but the focus is on how great Sarah made me

feel, and how she makes a person feel special...now back to the rest!

Sarah had an engagement for later that evening, so after spending a great afternoon together, we

shared a shower and she began to get ready. We packed up the toys and clothing, Sarah threw on some

"quick change" clothes, and we headed out the door.

I drove Sarah back to her hotel, and while I was driving, we talked some more about everything and

nothing. While talking, she was putting on make-up and getting her face done up for the evening. Again,

it felt like I was driving down the road with a girlfriend who was getting ready while we were on the way

to some planned event. When we arrived at the hotel, I retrieved Sarah's suitcase and we gave each

other a hug goodbye. I made sure she was able to get into the side door before I pulled away, and then I

had the long drive home, back to reality.

Sarah made me feel like a teenager, giddy about being around a hot woman, nervous, and worried

about saying something dumb. I cannot express in words the way she makes you feel, but if you have

spent time with her you will understand what I mean. She is open, honest, fun, flirty, sexual,

comfortable, beautiful, and energetic. She enjoys meeting people, and truly makes you feel like you are

her object of affection. She will make quite an impression on you, and she will leave you with great

memories of your time together.

I know this review is long, but I feel like I haven't begun to brush the surface of what Sarah does and the

experience that you have with her. I would and will see Sarah again, and recommend her. I would

recommend at least 4 hours, as a "date" with Sarah will help you and her become comfortable with each

other, and greatly enhance the encounter further.
The only provider for me!!
Oct 02, 2014
I am an attorney from the East Coast, my law practice has me traveling to Montana a few times each year. I am married with children, my family is and always will be my top priority in life. Sarah was the first provider I had ever experienced and is now the only provider that I will ever see. There are several reasons why one would conclude this by looking at her pictures, videos and reviews. The biggest reason Sarah is “the only” provider for me is simply because her safety practices are far superior to any in the hobby.

I recently attempted to write a review on TER for Sarah and ultimately ended up deleting the review because their review process actually degraded her rating for her stringent safe practices. Personally, I feel this was a very poor approach by TER as it promotes Providers to NOT make safe choices and ultimately places clients like me at a very severe high risk to STD’s and herpes.

Sarah is absolutely amazing, her sex appeal and energy is off the charts. Her personality is always warm, sincere and of the highest integrity of any person I have ever met in my professional career. Our time together is always fun and intimate, she has a unique ability to recharge my mind, body and soul. Best of all, she makes my homecoming sexual desires to my wife amazing!!
Off the charts, she is a workout Queen and her body, and stamina showed it!!
Sep 05, 2014
LOCATION: Coeur D' Alene / Spokane
DATE: Early Sept
NAME: SaraFox 74
AGENCY OR INDY: very indy
ACCURATE PICTURE: no.........Although all her pics are stunning, they do not capture how gorgeous she really is
AGE: 40 [you'll never believe it when you see her, she looks 23-24 to me]
PERSONALITY: Very fun, flirty and professional
RACE: Blonde Caucasion
BODY TYPE: Think Playmate of the year
WEIGHT: 115?
HEIGHT: 5'4"
BUST: 34DD-36D, perfectly enhanced, best Dr. installed pair I've ever seen or touched
WAIST: perfect curves everywhere
HIPS: ^^^^^
HAIR: Gorgeous, healthy, shiney Blonde shoulder length
EYES: shame on me :o I know she had 2
FEET: perfectly manicured
SKIN TONE: absolutely perfect tan and silk smooth
TRIMMING: Babies Butt Bald
SCARS: None, and I looked hard around her lovely globes
PIERCINGS: Yes, in all the appropriate locations
CLOTHES: She showed up in this shocking electric Orange Body hugging dress with black heels that made her tower over me. I was speechless. She later changed in this black sexy outfit that I cannot describe because I was now in a state of disbelief. Sarah knows how to dress for the moment like no lady I've ever met before.
MOANS OR OTHER SOUNDS?: Very vocal and encouraging For someone that looks as classy as Sarah, her vocality will surprise you in all the right ways.
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: off the charts, She is a workout Queen and her body, and stamina showed it.
MULTIPLE CUPS?: I lost count for her, 5 maybe 6? and all VERY Wet. Even with all the towels we laid out, lets just say, things became very moist.
ACCEPTS FRENCH: Does not offer uncovered DATY. She does have covers with her. I did not push this boundary
DRINKS: light drinker perhaps a little wine
KISSING TECHNIQUE: She is PSE, no lfk or dfk, body kisses were ok.
FRENCH: To be honest, it was wet, sloppy enthusiastic with alot of attention paid to all the nether regions. :P
GREEK: I did not inquire.
RUSSIAN: Perfectly equipped, and yes we spoke that language fluently
DONTs:No DATY, No Kissing, she is a PSE Provider of a Quality I have never had the pleasure of before.
WEBSITE: www.sarahfox74.com
SCREENING PROCESS: she has a screening app on her website. Many will not like some of the personal info that she requests. I did not provide any info that I was not comfortable with. Sarah was very accomodating to me and we were able to work around it. I PM'd her my references and reviews. I can tell you guys, the reviews made as much difference as my references with her. Another reason to write reviews. Also, gaining access to her VIP/Members section can be hazardous to your wallet, you'll want to see her ASAP. lol
EMAIL: www.sarahfox74.com or PM her via AHB
PHONE: offered after screening
RATES: well stated on her website. I did not deviate for our 60 minute fantasy date. She is not for the financially feint of heart.
RECOMMEND: absolutely to anyone that understands she is PSE and respects that. She is a great communicator as to what those boundaries are.
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) The next time I have a craving for a true Porn Star Experience , She'd be the first and only I'd contact.

COMMENTS:As many know I am mostly a GFE hobbiest, but something about Sarah kept luring me in. I'm sooo glad I got hooked and pursued her screening process. I knew I was all in as soon as I heard her voice on the phone. Sarah, is intelligent, well spoken, flirty and has the one of the sexiest phone voices I've ever heard.

I wanted to relive an event that I experienced several years ago while in Vegas, when I explained what I had in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the genuine excitement in her Voice. She even went shopping for our date to fulfill the fantasy.
All of her do's and don't should be covered above, I will add that she loves her toys, is incredibly sexy and vocal in bed and is one of the top 3 most amazing squirters I've ever been with. Certainly the most beautiful. I got soaked from head to toe, and my Garden hose was out in the garden.

Sarah, is not for everyone, she is highly discreet, low volume and literally the most visually beautiful woman I've see in at least 10 years. At 40, I swear to God she showers in the fountain of Youth.

Model material - let's have fun!!
Jul 16, 2014
Open the door to a nice outfit of flowing summer dress. It was quickly pealed off to a sexy Victoria Secret modelling view.
She talked thru the rules which are no kissing or unwrapped interaction, safe which is ok my me.
A dream of cuddling, toys for both and many towels to catch all the nectar, it was a non stop flow of juices. She had multiple toys to share(covered) and use solo which was a great site to watch towel after towel soaking, fun experience that included me standing and Sarah on her knees delivering a wonderful CBJ lots of gag, spit and deep throat like a PSE as far as you can go! Ripped of the cover lubed up for Russian , Sarah on the bed lying backwards with me pressed between her great enhances tits, glory shot all down her chest with a big smile from Sarah, I'm a one shot guy so didn't venture for seconds

A shower and bottle of cold water to walk out into the summer heat and think about the next visit to Scottsdale. A definite repeat. What a dream!
Couples Dream partner found!!
May 16, 2014
I am an executive for a publicly traded Company, my discretion is extremely important to me. My wife and I have often fantasized and discussed the idea of having another extremely hot female join us to explore our sexual desires and fantasies. We are both very active, workout, live and eat healthy by making good choices.

Sarah was referred to me by a very good friend that I trust. We carefully viewed Sarah’s website, reading all the information provided while perving on her amazing pictures and videos after getting access to her Private VIP page thanks to my friend for taking care of the screening process. We then scheduled a telephone call with Sarah to discuss a few questions and concerns we had. Sarah is a very professional lady, speaks very well and answered all the questions and concerns we had with no hesitation. We decided to go ahead and schedule a 4 hour dinner/play date for our first encounter with Sarah in Las Vegas.

The Dinner date was by far the best thing we could have ever done as it allowed all of us to quickly get comfortable with each other. Imagine walking through a casino with Sarah on one arm and my beautiful wife on the other arm, both dressed to turn every head we passed. Sushi was the unanimous choice of fine dining and I must say that it was the most memorable Sushi dinner I ever had, until our next encounter of course. My wife and I had envisioned and fantasized some amazing possibilities but the real experience absolutely blew our minds. Having two amazingly hot ladies sitting on each side of me while trying my best to enjoy our Sushi dinner was an experience that I can’t even begin to put into words. We had an audience from across the restaurant and they both made it extremely HARD for me to get up to go the restroom.

Dinner was over and we had to walk back through the Casino all the way to our suite which seemed like miles away, turning heads like nothing I have ever experienced. The door to our suite couldn’t close fast enough. Sarah is very relaxed with us and has the most fun personality that just makes us relaxed. Her professionalism and safety sets her apart from all others. Our encounter with Sarah was far beyond both of our expectations, we scheduled our next trip to Vegas and are both looking forward to an evening Rendezvous.
See attached link
Saw her ad on backpage. I am very reluctant to ever contact someone from BP but this ad was intriguing. The contact was a little cumbersome but much of that was my fault. Email first, then phone call. Both of us were nervous about each other’s authenticity. After some delays we finally got together at her incall. Am I glad she didn''t give up on me! When I met her in her hotel lobby for an initial screening I was struck by her obviously hot body in jeans and great smile. She is more like the quality you would find in a big city as a VIP provider. She led me to her room and the fun got going. VIP''s read on.
I found Sarah on Backpage, which I typically don't use, but I was quite intrigued by her ad. I contacted Sarah through her Backpage ad and received a prompt reply. She followed up with a phone call and we set a date and time to meet. Sarah typically requires a meet and greet before a play date, but said she could do this in the hotel lobby to save time. In addition, she likes to have some flirty texting (sexting) before the first date to get to know you better. I actually found this to be quite fun, and we got to know each other better during the week before our first date. By the time of her date she was comfortable enough with me to meet her at her room.

She greeted me with a warm smile, wearing very sexy tight jeans and a nice sexy top. She is drop dead gorgeous; we're talking up there with elite VIP companions. She has a perfectly tanned and toned body; muscular yet still feminine, lovely breasts, and a sexy ass. She takes immaculate care of herself, and it definitely shows.

After some light chit chat things started to heat up.

VIP members read on............
I will first say that I am relatively new to the hobby and my experience has been limited to a few providers. My interest has not been sample the entire field, but rather to find that one special woman. I think I found her!

She is very thorough in terms of her screening, but it was relatively painless, and since I share her sentiments in terms of discretion, I was appreciative of her approach. Initial contact was made by email, followed up by a phone conversation at which time we set a date and time.

A day prior to the meeting we texted back and forth. We shared a light erotic exchange, and confirmed the time. The day of she contacted me with the location. Upon arrival I was provided with the number of the condo, I approached the door and before I could knock the door opened. A wave of relief passed over me when the vision in front of me was exactly as advertised!
Tried to schedule some play time during the summer but our schedules did not mesh. She's easy to work with though and we eventually found time. Met her at her incall hotel and when the door opened I knew we were in for some fun. This woman is gorgeous and is super sexual. Three hours with this gift from god. She is super fit and has tremendous energy. Loved her fun attitude! Definitely will see her again. VIPs read on.
Preferred 411
See attached link
VIP Caliber Escort
I have had the good fortune of seeing Sarah on a few occasions. I'm amazed at how each time is better than the last given the high level of service she provided the first time. If you are respectful of her rules you will have an unforgettable experience with a top quality provider and her smokin hot body! She strives to stimulate and satisfy and you will not be disappointed with this VIP caliber escort.

Javier63 (TER handle)
She is definitely in a class of her own!
Gentlemen do not miss a chance to see Sara Fox she is the best at every aspect I have ever had. She is Beautiful Fit and is totally into your session. She is in a class all her own and a once in a Lifetime experiance wished I was still in Montana.
Gentlemen of Billings and the rest of Montana! I spent four hours with Sarah Fox today and night! It is hard to put words to my time with her....all I can say right now is....Un***ing Believable......Amazing...and WOW! She is definitely in a class of her own!
I think she said she is 36 or 38 when I shared a visit with her. I really appreciate the maturity. A delight to talk with & she is in fabulous shape. Most 25 yr olds can"t touch her physique. Nothing but good things to say about Sarah. ..
I noticed Sarah’s ad that she was visiting my city. I have wanted to see Sarah for a while but she lives several hundred miles away. I contacted her immediately through P411 when I saw her ad for my city!

I received a quick response and she set a day and time to call me to firm up the date and time. She is a very outgoing and engaging woman. We had several text sessions to get to know each other before our play date. Sarah does not have many pictures that are accessible on her website, so I couldn’t a good feel for what she looked like but she does have a rockin hard body. Sarah set me up with VIP access, which allowed me to see picture of her that weren’t blurred……OMFG, Sarah is a gorgeous, blued eyed blonde! I was a little intimidated by her beauty; I told her that I would have to step up my workouts to three times a day to get in better shape for her! She texted me and I gave her my location. Non VIP’s do not miss the chance to see Sarah; she is definitely in a class of her own….VIP members read on….